Quality Specialty Coffee

There are qualitative differences between coffees, and not all coffees are the same.  Esperanza specializes in origin-specific and state-grown coffees that give roasters the opportunity to sell coffees that could truly and exclusively be grown for them. Our clients could also market these coffees as ones with which they were working in partnership with the farmers.

Esperanza Coffee is a company fully committed to delivering the highest quality coffee with a strong commitment to social and environmental needs. As such, we have carefully selected the best cooperatives of small farmers and plantations throughout Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, and Colombia whose farms meet the optimal conditions needed for the growing of our specialty fair-trade and organic coffees.


Because of plant pathogens and lack of proper remuneration, the quality coffee supply appears to be dwindling. This is a dilemma of financial, educational, social, and environmental sustainability. Esperanza Coffee works diligently with every grower by ensuring that either the mill or co-op cup taste each lot that goes into the small lot that becomes full container.

In addition, we follow strict traceability protocols in terms of their own post-harvest, the wet milling, the dry milling, and marketing. In simple terms, quality from begining to end.



Who We Are 

Winner Of "The Cup Of Excellence" Award



Esperanza Coffee in association with its distribution partner, ComcafeUSA, seeks to position itself as a company serving the international coffee market by supplying high-quality specialty, organic, and fair-trade coffees.  We also aim to service the local farmers by assisting them in the production of coffee that meets and surpasses international quality expectations. We achieve this with healthy sustainable environmental practices and with a vision for social responsibility.  


Mission Statement


Esperanza Coffee is a socially sensitive corporation committed to the export of high-quality specialty coffees to the international markets based on the promotion of environmentally healthy agricultural practices through the use of reforesting to promote shaded coffee plantation and the use of environmentally friendly fertilizers and pesticides . Our ethical traded coffees contribute to the economic growth of Nicaraguan farmers and their communities. This is important not just from the ethical trade standpoint, but it is also the only guarantee for a successful and long-term business operation. If farmers remain profitable, they will continue re-investing in the quality and the volume of coffee being produced.




ComcafeUSA’s values are based on Christian principles of promoting business with social responsibility and equality. We are committed to the continuous formation of alliances with individuals, organizations, and companies that share those values. We believe that the quality of our service will create a solid, successful business with a high level of integrity that will encourage the participation of investors. 

We are wholly committed to the well-being of all our shareholders, our employees, our partner coffee farmers, our neighbors, our buyers, our community, our environment, in addition to our commitment of instilling Christian values in a world thirsting for justice and peace. 


Coffee Preparation Matters 

Dry Mill


Production and processing of coffee are intensively laborious activities that require multiple quality control steps very similar in nature of the processing in the wine industry. Our farmers are provided with training by Esperanza to improve harvesting practices, wet and dry milling process that results in superior quality coffee. In this manner, growers gain better reputation all over the world and also achieve better pricing for their coffee. Our coffee is sun-dried, spread out in concrete and well-paved patios for some 10 to 12 days. Then the coffee is placed to rest in well-ventilated warehouses for a period of 45 to 60 days until the beans' relative humidity is homogenized on the entire lot. This rest period, prior to dehulling allows for the bean pores to close, which will give it great consistency and hardness that will enable its quality to last longer prior to and after its roasting.


Hand Sorting


We do not use mechanical dryers and electronic sorting machines for two reasons:

1- They send needy people into unemployment, especially women who are the primary household sustainers in Latin American families. 
2- The intensive mechanized processing potentially damages the quality of the coffee. In our effort to help small and medium coffee farmers, Esperanza Coffee is committed to paying fair trade prices to our coffee producers. We work with small producers associations and cooperatives that specialize in growing specialty and gourmet coffee.


Cup of Excellence


Esperanza Coffee and its small coffee cooperatives have been the First Place winner of the Cup of Excellence Contest for the years 2002 to 2005. We had five winning producers among the winning coffees out of a total of 385 participants. A panel of coffee experts from the main specialty roasting companies from the USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries judged and tested our coffee and designating it the best!


ComcafeUSA\Esperanza Coffee is committed to paying fair trade prices to our coffee producers. In doing so, we ensure a quality bean and fair wages for all coffee workers.


Esperanza Tierra Foundation:

Through Esperanza Coffee Tierra Foundation we are also committed to the preservation of the environment as good stewards of our creation. We intend to be number 1 in the quality of our product and our commitment to social and environmental transformation


Why Ethical Coffee Matters 

We are committed to sustainable farming and milling practices, and we partner with growers and suppliers based on these criteria.


ComcafeUSA and Esperanza Coffee are committed to funding a number of social projects for the youth of Central American countries.  Respecting people and giving back to the community is the cornerstone of our business. We recognize the vital role that today’s youth will have in the near future.  Our community stewardship program currently funds the following projects:


Young Life Nicaragua:

Young Life, a highly reputable international organization, is dedicated to bringing a message of hope to young adults and preparing them for a life of success. 


Our organization has already established two schools specializing in both children and adult education.  Presently, 40 children are in attendance in the morning and 28 adults in the afternoon.

Medical Brigades:  

ComcafeUSA and Esperanza Coffee provide room and board to North American and Dutch health specialists that come to attend to the medical needs of children in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation:

We also fund this center where people are treated for the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Children are also treated, though smaller in numbers.


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